4 Ways to Entice and Attract Mr. Right.
(Yes, You Really Can Have What You Want!)


Admit it! You hate even the thought of “looking” for your ideal man. You don’t want to appear needy, desperate, lonely… yet sometimes you do feel lonely. And all the fake posturing and pretending of the bar scene and the internet, seems like a risky way to pursue such a critical, deeply important goal.

You mind is muddled.  It’s hard to even know what makes you different from every other girl sitting there on a bar stool or on a computer screen. You want to be genuine, but you’re not sure what that looks like after your last disappointing attempt at love.

Well, there is another way… a way that authentically reflects who you are. And since like attracts like, your ideal match will instinctively be drawn to you. Sound good? Here’s the plan:

1. First, accept that you create your own reality … and understand that you really CAN have what you really want. So what do you want?  Go ahead, design your dreamiest dream guy… the one you imagine as you lay in your bed at night, hugging a big pillow:

  • List personality and character traits, mood, interests, and the money of your ideal man.
  • Let’s make it easy. For the sake of contrast, think about what you don’t want in a man. (But do this without resentment or you may get more things to resent!)
  • Then consider, what you do want instead. Write the opposite attribute for each undesirable trait, and you now have a perfect list to describe your ideal man.

 2. Appreciate where your hearts beat as one. Your ideal man is similar to you in very meaningful ways. The words you value become your brand. Here are some of my words:

  • Trustworthy, integrity, loyal, committed
  • Kind, gentle, and supportive in thought, word, and deed.
  • Fun, adventure, joy, smiles
  • Intelligent, spiritual, develop and expand awareness.

3. Recognize what you want him to expect of you. (Build it and he will show up.)

  • You can decide in advance what you want him to expect… instead of taking a “wait and see” approach.
  • List your own great qualities, your boundaries, your goals.
  • If you enjoy cooking you might list:
  1. My ideal man will expect me to be a great cook of nutritious, healthy, tasty, fabulous food.
  2. He will expect to HELP OUT during the cooking process by pouring me a glass of Cabernet, chopping vegetables, and generally adding fun to the activity… to  include music and perhaps some dancing in the kitchen.
  3. He will also expect to help CLEAN UP afterwards, as part of the shared fun!

4. Know that your ideal man is out there looking for you. How will he recognize you when he sees you? Like attracts like, so who do you need to be to attract your ideal man.

  • As you go about your day, if you are being grouchy, impatient, tense, short-tempered… then you will not be a match for an up-beat, easy-going, up-lifting man. This wonderful guy will not recognize you because you are hiding under a blanket of discontent… acting like a victim.
  • If you have not yet cleared out those old negative images and destructive cellular memories from your past ill-fated relationships, then you will most likely convey mistrust, insecurity, and resentment which repel.
  • It would be more advantageous to express ease which invites… joy which attracts… and fun which fascinates the imagination of your ideal man who is (by the way) observing without your awareness.

How do you attract this magnificent man?  The secret is CLARITY.  Know what you want, who you want to be, how you want to feel.  Get clear in your own mind first!  Then you will automatically communicate that… even without words.

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